What is Hair Extensions?

Hair Extension was by and large ensue in Women’s only not in Male which exploit to enlarge hair length along volume instantly with append strand by strand means append hair by hair so recognized as Integration or addition of supplementary natural human hairs by non-surgical hair replacement procedure connote replace by additional natural human hairs.
Is Hair Extensions are permanent or temporary hair treatment for baldness?
Both techniques are accessible in hair Extensions:-
In Permanent hair Extensions there are dissimilar procedures like keratin fusion hair extension, Micro Loop/ring/bead hair extensions, braided tree extension and half weave full lace extensions.
In Temporary hair extensions that procedure can by carry on by
Clip-In or Clip-On Hair Extensions, Tape-In extension and Skin weft hair extensions.
In hair Extensions Natural Human hairs are employed or Synthetic/Artificial one?
Both hairs are used to make hair extensions. Natural Human hair has much more cost than synthetic or artificial hairs but human hair behavior just like natural hair shampooing, smoothing, make any color, ironing to curl them straight one change any hair style life of these natural human hair extensions are much higher than nylon one along look alike real natural hairs but Synthetic or Artificial look identical as nylon duplicate shinny one.

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