Non Surgical Hair Replacement

Non Surgical Hair Replacement in Delhi India offer Best Non Surgical Hair Replacement Cost effective services for Men’s & Women’s at our Centre in Delhi Noida Gurgaon Faridabad India at reasonable Price.

What is Non Surgical Hair Replacement?

Hair Replacement means replace hair loss effected region by additional natural human somebody’s hairs not client own hairs.

In non-surgical hair restoration, we at first gauge accurate hair loss region or baldness vicinity where we append hair replacement system or silicon system on the scalp which feel or look alike second skin. That is the Best solution to cure baldness in recent era.

Does Non Surgical hair Replacement truly alleviate hair loss?

In Non Surgical hair Replacement, silicon hair system are employed on preciously hair loss region with the assistance of medically hygienic soft silicon bonding on the edges of the scalp permanently. Permanently hair weaving means you can do all normal activities with it without put it out regularly but you have to follow hair weaving services after few weeks later. In modern era, non-surgical hair restoration much popular than surgical hair transplant due to instant result, assured hairs within few hour, no operation involve are the main benefit  than transplantation. We offer best result in non surgical hair replacement through exactly both hairs, used 100% human hairs, match able density, barely discernible, light weighted, comfy, skin friendly and natural appearance upshot.

Non Surgical Hair Replacement Cost?

Non-surgical hair restoration cost not according to baldness vicinity but it is according to natural human hair quality he/she chooses along category of strand by strand silicon base or hair replacement system chooses by the client as per price budget of buyer.

Different techniques to perform Non Surgical hair Replacement (Hair Silicon Systems):-

Tape attachment (self method) recognized as Hair Fixing, tree braiding tracking technique known as Hair Weaving or Artificial hair Integration or natural hair weaves, sealing extensions which is reckon as Hair Silicon Bonding, Clip on hair system usually known as Microwefting. 

Advantages of Non Surgical Hair Replacement:-

  • Low price procedure
  • Immediate course of action
  • No Surgery so no medicine follows up
  • Enhance confidence by infantile glance
  • Stylish upshot
  • Trouble-free procedure
  • Proven International well accepted technique
  • No one can distinguish mismatching between supplementary hairs with natural existing hairs
  • Employed natural human hairs
  • No hospitalization
  • Simple straight forward technique
  • No disfigurement, darn after hair replacement
  • Applicable in any grade of hair loss
  • Handy in both Men’s along Women’s
  • Strand by Strand hair replacement silicon system act like second layer of skin
  • Light weighted
  • comfy in worn
  • 100% human hair used
  • No Shock loss which occur in surgical hair transplant
  • guarantee results
  • Non surgical hair replacement was reversible course of action

Non Surgical Hair Replacement Side effects or Disadvantages:-

  • Necessitate maintenance frequently
  • Moderate durability of hair replacement systems
  • Headache for initial few weak but after 7 to 10 days no problem
  • Initially fell awkwardness but after a weak feel like your own body component
  • If some individual have skin problem then before this procedure please consult at first with Dermotologist doctor

Those who lost more than 30% of their natural Hairs, Non Surgical Hair Replacement is a Best promising course of action for them at low down cost and with no surgery. At Phc South Delhi Center, first of all we quantify the Men Hair loss part or bald head region and test out clientele hair color as well as type of exiting hairs like straight one or curl type at our Clinic lab. Then we tailored the Men’s Hair Replacement System who accurately matches up with clients‚ constraint and prospect. Inside few hours, we redesign the clients earlier look with lend a hand of our inventive Hair Replacement professional at low price.

There are variety of techniques, which can be followed :-

  • Half Braided Lace Front hair Weaves – This is the oldest method of hair replacement.In this process a maize row braid in U shape around the baldness place is created and the device is connected with this braid.
  • Clipping In – In this program, an exceptional sort of fragments are joined with the product and when the product is put on top of the hair loss put these portions hold the sound hair line and the item joins with the current hair.This is a short-term program and there is some problem is that the product may drop.
  • Taping In – This is the simple hair cutting program the only difference is that, rather than fragments we are utilizing double on the sides footage to stick to the bare spot. It has the same sort of limitations and likewise there could be potential outcomes that the individual’s skin is touchy to double on the sides record.
  • Spot Weaving – This is very similar to weaving, the only difference is that instead of full braid the stitching is done at variety of locations making Silicon Bonding.


  • Make your looking younger
  • Make you eye caching look
  • Make your first impression attractive
  • Improve your self confidence as well as self image.


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